The New Energy for My Hair


Who does’t like summer? The days when you can enjoy sunshine everytime: when you woke up till the afternoon.  But, for hijaber like me sometimes hot sunny days make me sweat and a lil bit itchy on my head. Also, most covered head smell unpleasant when it sweats. 

Thanks Makarizo for introducing this to me. I saw the ad at commuterline during the journey from home to my office and vice versa.  

MMakarizo released Hair Mist product, answering the most common problems found in tropical country: sweat and smell.  Even the product is completed with UV protection so your hair will be protected. Even thoug your hair are covered with hijab, doesn’t mean safe from UV since any fabrication product only protect 5% (Unless when it’s specially designed as UV protection clotes!). 

Just found two variants: the green cap and blue one. So far, I like the blue. What about you? 

Perfectly Protected, Perfect Make Up


Summer never felt so hot like recent time. Never leave home without sun protection, not because of you’re afraid of being dark. Protecting your skin is important: aging, dullness, sunburn, irritation, inflammation, and even skin cancer are the effect of UV rays.

Cosmopolitan women usually apply daily make but how many of them care about the protection? Have you treat your skin well? Against all threats caused by UV rays, L’Oréal Paris Indonesia has launched series of skin care that will make your face skin #PerfectlyProtected.


Available in wide range products,
L’Oréal Paris Indonesia launched a very unique face mist within SPF 50 and PA++++ for active women like me. The moisturizers are light and non oily, I usually apply it before make up-ing.

At lunch time, as finding delicious meals outside are required, just use the face mist as face spray. Magically, it covered my face like a thin film. So light, and cool!

I never leave this face mist, always in my cosmetic purse just like I never leave my cellphone. Now it’s your turn.

written with love by @nagacentil

A Very Me Gift



Today, a small black box laid on my woody cubicle. A simple note was written on yellow sticky paper, saying sorry for late in greeting me birthday. I smiled, and my lips were cheering after unboxing the cube.

Pretty necklace inside, made with love (I really knew it!) and personal by my sweet talented friend Sarah (find her at @kekosarah on IG or twitter).

This pretty necklace also functioned as shabby tasbih (as she claimed on the brand’s Instagram but I think it’s a unique jewelry to wear. Amount of beads to aim you praying, meanwhile the way it was created makes you look chic.
Love it!

Interested with the beads? Kindly find and order, remember the ID is (represents how much she loves cats).

written with love by @nagacentil

Manicure On The Go


Beauty means totally, from top-to-toe. Nails also part of them and required the same treatment too. What if a girl wearing-nice-dress-but-dull-nails?

When you think you are too busy to have a manicure session at nail salon, consider to have this Panasonic Beauty gadget:


The magic wand Panasonic NailCare ES-WC20

NailCare as simple as a pen, so you can bring it everywhere. Four tips as attachment are including on the package: shape, buff, and shine your nails. Since it’s electronic, the ritual has become efortless. Following are the steps:

How is the result? Check it out:

My shiny nails!

My shiny nails!

Just like Harry Potter and his magic wand, me always insert this magic tool in my beauty pouch. So I can touch up not only my face but also finger.

Decoding Dresscode

Tips & Trick

Another frequently asked question when receiving an invitation to attend an event: what kind of costume I have to wear? *translating dresscode announced*.

Most female may like dresscode, a moment to show off. Following the role also means that you appreciate the organizer. But for men, it might be confusing. Hence, here’s the clue for male participants who have no idea about the dresscode….


(image from Pinterest)

Central Designer Soiree 2015


It is not my first time attending a fashion show, but always amazing to see how those pretty women walking down the runway dressed by the designers’ masterpieces. Really an honor to take part at a private fashion show presented at Central Dept. Store last January.


Me and the fashionable yet beautiful bloggers

Featuring 8 Indonesian young talented designers: Tri Handoko, Danjyo Hiyoji, Ivan Gunawan, Iwan Tirta, Jeffry Tan, Yosep Sinudarsono, Stella Rissa and Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan here they are…


The designers, can you mention their names?


The fashion parade

Find more details about the event here.

Fashionable & Chic







a. Conforming to the current styles or trends; stylish: a fashionable wardrobe.

b. Adopting or setting current styles or trends: a fashionable artist.

2. Associated with or frequented by stylish or trend-setting people: a fashionable hotel.

A stylish person.




adj. chic·er, chic·est

1. Conforming to the current fashion; stylish: chic clothes; a chic boutique.

2. Adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated: chic, well-dressed young executives. See Synonyms at fashionable.


1. The quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness.

2. Sophistication in dress and manner; elegance.

[French, probably from German Schick, skill, fitness, elegance, from Middle High German (sich) schicken, to outfit (oneself), fit in.]

You don’t need to be a model, designer, or even fashion blogger to look fashionable. All you need are taste and be confident. Choose your own style, make it suitable with your personality and also occasion. Voila! Ready to be chic?