The New Energy for My Hair


Who does’t like summer? The days when you can enjoy sunshine everytime: when you woke up till the afternoon.  But, for hijaber like me sometimes hot sunny days make me sweat and a lil bit itchy on my head. Also, most covered head smell unpleasant when it sweats. 

Thanks Makarizo for introducing this to me. I saw the ad at commuterline during the journey from home to my office and vice versa.  

MMakarizo released Hair Mist product, answering the most common problems found in tropical country: sweat and smell.  Even the product is completed with UV protection so your hair will be protected. Even thoug your hair are covered with hijab, doesn’t mean safe from UV since any fabrication product only protect 5% (Unless when it’s specially designed as UV protection clotes!). 

Just found two variants: the green cap and blue one. So far, I like the blue. What about you? 

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